There Is

There is a pen. A pen which never stops. A pen which moves deftly across the blank pages of existence. Writing everything into being. Except that is only one way of looking at it.

There is a wheel. A wheel which never stops. A wheel which turns and turns, spitting golden sparks, carving a yellow path across dark blue velvet skies. Life erupts, suddenly, in its wake. Thinking itself immortal. Building empires and civilizations on the path of gold. Until the wheel returns, crushing everything, pure annihilation. Then life starts anew. A faint memory of the old in its new genetic makeup. Remembered, yet always forgotten. Except that is only one way of looking at it. Continue reading

Just a Myth?

“13 myths that you believed that are totally busted”. “The 10% brain theory is just a myth!”. “Was Jesus just a myth?”.

Just. A. Myth. A popular phrase bandied about by newscasters, skeptics and well, just about everyone really. Three words meant to debunk, disprove and hammer-the-final-nail-in-the-coffin-of stories or ideas that we have gullibly belived to be true.

Armed with the power of Just A Myth rational thinkers around the globe strive to shed light on the remaining darkened corners of human existence and beliefs. Like snide crusaders of the Enlightenment they hunt for the last crawling vestiges of primitive thinking, pull them out into the break of dawn, and behold! These false beliefs doth turn to stone, unable to withstand the critical and all-perceiving glare of the Sun Continue reading