The Sacred Clown

Trump is probably the most famous person on the planet right now, eclipsing even the Pope and the Dalai Lama.

The Clown with a Thousand Faces

An aspiring tyrant of Nero-like proportions to the political left, and a holy crusader to the political right. But there is also a third mythical perspective (and certainly more, but we will focus on this particular one here):

Trump as The Sacred Clown. Continue reading

Technocracy vs. Ecocracy

We are at a crossroads. The world as we know it is ending – it has been ending for a long time, but now most of us are becoming aware that it is happening. The question is – what story will we choose? What macro narrative will inform the new world? Or to put it in other terms relevant to this blog -> What myth will we live by?

From the decaying corpse of turbo capitalism two children are emerging, fighting for our attention. These fraternal twins both want the same – a safe future, a predictable environment and peace on Earth. But their modus operandi and underlying values are widely different. Their names are Technocracy and Ecocracy. Continue reading

Just a Myth?

“13 myths that you believed that are totally busted”. “The 10% brain theory is just a myth!”. “Was Jesus just a myth?”.

Just. A. Myth. A popular phrase bandied about by newscasters, skeptics and well, just about everyone really. Three words meant to debunk, disprove and hammer-the-final-nail-in-the-coffin-of stories or ideas that we have gullibly belived to be true.

Armed with the power of Just A Myth rational thinkers around the globe strive to shed light on the remaining darkened corners of human existence and beliefs. Like snide crusaders of the Enlightenment they hunt for the last crawling vestiges of primitive thinking, pull them out into the break of dawn, and behold! These false beliefs doth turn to stone, unable to withstand the critical and all-perceiving glare of the Sun Continue reading