It was supposed to be a game.

A way to spend Eternity.

To understand, to know, to name.

It was supposed to be a game.

And then, somewhere along the way

A crack appeared, a twilight seam

We split, forgot, dove too far in

Went blind, got lost, polarities

Like roleplayers lost in the woods

becoming far too serious

inventing rape and burning flesh

dark magic, torture, RP-3s

A horde of gamers smudged with coal

to dim the glaring light of soul

that tries to break out every day

at dawn

when the sun

tries to say


“I’m your Mirror”


When trees roaring away

in ecstatic abandon

flames a-singing


“I’m your Mirror”


When your worst nightmare

stands in the courtroom

raising his eyes

filled with fear and guilt and regret




When the song makes your bones want to dance

or collapse

or escape

or mutate

all at once

Remember the game

The old woman

abused by her father

her mother

her uncle

since before she could walk

she is the Earth

she is our sandbox

who fucked up our code?

We did






How how how how how how how how how how how how how how how how how

are you?


It was supposed to be a game

but now you’re hurt

there is a splinter in your eye

from the Tree of Life

You are a fragment too

of that great mirror

that cracked

that broke

that tries to remember itself




Come back.

To me.

To you.

Re-member the name.

Of the game.

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