Corona. Latin for Crown. From Ancient Greek κορώνη meaning Garland / Wreath. Usually used to signify the aura of plasma surrounding our sun and all other stars in the Universe. A crown or garland or wreath extending from the sun for millions of kilometers. Or, if you’re not so astronomically inclined, a Mexican beer.

Photo: Alissa Eckert. CDC
Do you like my crown? I wore it just for you

These days, of course, the crowning glory goes to the coronavirus, the first concept that pops up in our minds if someone mentions the word “Corona”. The virus body is, like the sun, surrounded by a Crown/Garland/Wreath. And its reach is wide, both in physical and memetic form.

We are all in the corona of Covid-19, whether we are infected or not. The world is wreathed in it. And theories abound. Concerning origin stories, secret agendas, cover-ups, actual reasons, underlying factors etc. In a way you could look at these different viewpoints as a range of mythical constructs. Not lies or untruths, but equally valid frameworks to try and understand a chaotic situation. In the realm of myth, everything has the potential of truth. Our focus and the story we choose to tell decides our reality (For more on my thoughts on this, what myths are and the very basis of this blog, check out my first article: “Just a Myth?”).

In this article I will look at some of the most prevalent frameworks, and view each one through both a corona of fear and a corona of love. And in the end I will present my own mythopoetic approach to what we are facing. Ready? Let’s go!

1) Gaia Strikes Back

We are to pay for our sins. The Earth, having endured our pillaging for centuries, has finally decided it is payback time. Humanity has ended species, laid waste to ecosystems, pushed the borders of civilization and generally behaved like a spoilt teenager. Our never-ending desire for increased GDP and exponential growth puts us into contact with new viral strains in wildlife that would happily have wished to be left alone.

Hey, don’t blame me!

The COVID-19 virus was slumbering in a snake, or a bat, or a pangolin (or a snake who had eaten a bat who had eaten a pangolin) until a human being in the wildlife market of Wuhan decided to eat said snake/bat/pangolin and became infected.

Enter the corona epidemic and a lot of racism against Asians. Until the main culprits of spreading the disease further turned out to be rich, entitled white people. Then we were all in this together.

Corona of fear

This is it. The mortality rate is steadily increasing, the virus will probably mutate further and become even deadlier, cutting Homo Sapiens Sapiens out of the loop once and for all. In a biblical perspective we have already seen historic locust swarms and extreme forest fires this year. It is only a matter of time before the rivers will run red with blood. The End is Nigh and we have deserved it. Karma is a relentless bitch. And Gaia has donned the mask of Kali.

Corona of love

If Gaia truly is behind this, then the nature of Her punishment is more of a mild beratement than an all-out devastation. This crisis has made the unthinkable possible, pollution levels are way down all over the globe, the waters of Venice are clearing, and if dolphins aren’t necessarily swimming in the canals, the image of them doing so have been ingrained in our collective imagination, as a symbol of hope.

Through administering a pinch of tough love, Mother Nature is forcing us to reset, stop everything and truly reflect on what turbo capitalism has been doing to ourselves and to the world.

We have been living in a collective trauma regarding climate change and ecological destruction, stuck in denial, unable to face the music, pretending that all is well. COVID-19 has put the brakes on, and shows us the immense regenerative power of Nature.

“Everything must change” said Greta. This is the first step.

2) Microscopic Warfare

Forget Nature. This is the result of biological warfare of the most nefarious sort.

It was China. They were developing a bioweapon in a Wuhan lab and it backfired. Thank the Gods they weren’t developing a doorway to another dimension, or we’d all be sporting crowbars by now.

Actually, no. It was the US. Wanting to reinforce their position as a superpower and strike a blow against their greatest contender, they developed the virus and unleashed it on China. But it backfired.

Or maybe it was Iran. Or Israel. Or Russia. Maybe it was Bill Gates? Why else would his foundation use a corona virus pandemic as a case study a few years ago? And doesn’t he have a hang-up on overpopulation as one of the greatest threats to humanity?

Corona of fear

Someone did it. And when the truth comes out, the enmity of the world will increase a thousandfold. This will set the stage for WWIII. We will all die in nuclear annihilation. The world will become uninhabitable, or at the very least be bombed back to the stone age.

Corona of love

Whoever developed this bioweapon, has also been affected by it. And even if that was part of some cunning plan, so far this crisis has seemed to bring out the best in people. All of the world is affected by this situation and nationalities seem to matter less as we want to help eachother. Chinese company Xiaomi donated thousands of masks to Italy quoting the orator Seneca:

We are Waves of the same Sea

And, as of now, it seems that the “developed” world is taking the brunt of this disease. The economic fallout could also lead to a more balanced and respecting world.

3) The Electrification of the Earth

I am the Saviour / Destroyer of Worlds! (depending on who you talk to)

The real enemy is more insidious than the virus. The actual danger in this situation is the massive global 5G rollout and the electrification of the Earth.

This is a very multifaceted story. Many postulate that the symptoms of radiation sickness (in which the cells of the body release toxins) are similar to the ones experienced by people hit hardest by COVID-19. The main idea is that 5G broadcasts at 60 GHz, which correlates with the absorption spectrum of oxygen molecules, affecting the ability of blood to bind to hemoglobin. Being exposed to this long-term would lead to suffocation. One of the first fully enabled 5G cities of the world was Wuhan, which is the real reason this city was the epicenter of the pandemic. The widespread presence of 5G in Northern Italy is also used to explain why this region has been hit harder than other places.

One version says that the virus does not exist, and that all the great viral pandemics of the world have been the result of biological systems dealing with a new leap in the electrification of the world (FM waves around the Spanish Flu as an example).

Or it does exist, but that 5G weakens the immune system and integrity of the body and cell barriers, making the body more susceptible to the disease, and that 5G-enabled hospitals makes the situation worse.

As for the root cause of this situation, this is either human stupidity, putting greed and progress before health and short-term thinking on a global scale, or a massive conspiracy.

All Hail the All-Seeing Eye!

Conspiracy-wise, the virus pandemic has been engineered to happen simultaneousy with the 5G rollout to camouflage the effects on the human body by blaming the virus. While people are sitting isolated at home, 5G antennas are put up all over the world, and a vaccine that has been already developed light years ago will be administered by force globally, a vaccine that will deteriorate our health even further and lead to massive depopulation, infertility and a New World Order ruled by a super elite, which I guess must hail from Babylon or the Second Temple or something similar.

Corona of fear

There is nothing to be done! The Illuminati have won. Their dastardly millenia-spanning plot has finally succeeded. We are entering Big Brother-territory without personal freedoms, a technocratic tyranny that will make the common people that survive lead short and sick lives. The shadow powers of the Earth, whether they are allied with occult circles or aliens or extradimensional powers, will gain ultimate control and create a global civilization of fear, lowering our energy vibrations and cutting us off from our spirit. Cthulhu F’taghn!

Or, if there is no conspiracy afoot and only human stupidity at the wheel, the most outlandish conspiracy theories related to this (including Tom Hanks somehow being a paedophile) will overshadow the real dangers of 5G, putting it firmly in the crackpot category, making us unable to see the damage we have done before it is too late. Oh, woe is us!

Against stupidity the very gods
Themselves contend in vain

(Friedrich Schiller)

Corona of love

Breathe. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. If there truly is a conspiracy of this magnitude, they require our fear to comply. Fear increases stress and damages the immune system and takes focus away from life to just survival. By imagining a future of tyranny, such a potential future will find it easier to manifest in the quantum field. The real act of rebellion is to invest your imagination in a future you want to believe in.

People are more attuned to the truth than before. And more people will wake up to what is real around them when forced into isolation or quarantine. And if there is no vast conspiracy, but just stupidity, be aware and speak up when needed.

And on a really positive note, children are almost not affected by this at all. In this particular mythical framework, this means that the coming generation have a higher resistance against invasive radiation, which gives space for hope to breathe.

4) The Evolution of our Consciousness

Which segues beautifully into mythical framework nr. 4: The Evolution of our Consciousness.

In many ways, this is the antithesis to nr. 3. 5D, not 5G. Meaning that we are ascending to the 5th Dimension!

This story sees human consciousness as a collective entity making ready to enter into a Galactic Federation of Light with benevolent extradimensional beings aka aliens. Check out my short story Now that just rushed through me five years ago for another take on this.

Or if that’s not your cup of tea, we are evolving into a new phase of our evolution as a species, we are transitioning to the Enlightenment of the Heart and the conquest of the distance between Heart and Mind. This crisis is accelerating the process and has been invoked by the collective consciousness in need of some hands-on shamanic healing.

Corona of fear

Aliens?! I’m not ready for aliens!! I want things to remain the same, I don’t want the world to change this quickly, I like 3D with all its quirks and flaws. This is not what I signed up for! And if I’m not ready, does that mean I will die, since I can’t hold the 5D energies coming in? I don’t want to die either – why can’t things just be as they are?

corona of love

This IS what you signed up for. You asked for this, whether you know it or not. You asked for everything to stop. You asked for healing. And to quote a Sufi poem:

If you desire healing, let yourself fall ill

Within this framework, whether you live or die is, on the bottom level, down to the desires of your soul. Death is not the end, it’s merely a transition. Everyone dying at this moment are moving on to new experiences on other planets, while the rest of us are here to hold the ascension energies permeating the planet.

A Final Word

Four ways of looking at this situation. Through the Corona of Nature, the Corona of War, the Corona of Technology and the Corona of Consciousness. In the quantum sea, they are all potentially true. They might even be simultaneously true. It depends, in a way, on the observer. And whether the observer chooses to observe with the eyes of fear or love.

I leave you with a final mythical framework: Sol.

Christmas Eve 2019 NASA observed the first sun spot activity in our home star for a long time, heralding a new and particulary violent 11 year sunspot cycle. Alexander Leonidovich  Tchijevsky (1897-1964) did a massive study of how sunspot cycles and the resulting increase in electromagnetic energies from the sun affected human agitation and behaviour on a global scale. His research suggested that there was a correlation between the outbreak of wars and other ground-shaking events in human history and sunspot activity.

Meaning that the composition of the sun’s corona, the crown of plasma surrounding the sun, started becoming especiallly volatile around what is mythically known as the birth of Christ.

Even my Heart has a Corona!

Many spiritual circles view Christ’s second coming not as a return of a single individual imbued with the Divine, but the return of Christ Consciousness. The Body and Blood of Christ will be shared by everyone, and we will be our own Communion.

Christ is often shown with a halo, his own corona, which, when you add in his birth date corresponding to the winter solstice and ancient ceremonies celebrating the rebirth of the sun, is a clear indicator of him being an evolved sun god.

Sibling Rivalry

The god Sol was worshipped as Sol Invictus (“The Unconquered Sun”) in Ancient Rome, and his halo, a crown of sun rays, was also donned by his sister The Goddess of Liberty. Sol, The Sun, the primeval God worshipped by Man since the dawn of religious thought, the provider, the life-giver, is getting ready for a massive change. And so are we.

Together with his anima Liberty, we are on the treshold of understanding our own power, to shine with our own heart-centered light, and to liberate ourselves from the shackles of the world. This IS the Apocalypse, which means Unveiling. Our present world will end when it is unveiled, and what is hidden becomes revealed.

And then we will realise that we are most fully ourselves and in our power when we let our aura, our own corona, shine with Love.

That is at least one way of looking at it. 😉



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